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Film & TV Equipment Hire in Spain and Morocco

CINE TÉCNICO is a company dedicated to the acquisition of audiovisual material with many years of experience, For 35 years we have been providing material in telemetry, series, advertising, documentaries, short films, etc…

In CINE TÉCNICO we only work with the best and most reliable brands in the audiovisual industry. We are the Spanish company with the largest stock of cameras and cinematographic lenses. Our material is constantly renewed, in our catalog you can find: cameras, lenses (fixed and zooms), camera accessories, video systems, cranes, dollies and lighting material.
CINE TÉCNICO will provide you with the necessary advice to be able to carry out your shootings with the appropriate equipment. Our staff is perfectly trained to help you clarify any questions you may have about our material.

CINE TÉCNICO has offices in Madrid, Barcelona (CINE SUPPORT BARCELONA) and Casablanca (FILM TECHNIC MOROCCO).

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Other Services


Film and Photography Direction Course


Film from day one!

The CTE course specialized in Film and Photography Direction is born from the need to have well-prepared professionals, our program is aimed at graduates in Audiovisual Communication, as well as graduates in Higher Education in Image, Production, Production or all those who want grow professionally Studying the Film and Photography Direction course will allow you to develop your creative abilities both in realization and editing and in operation of cameras and lighting …


Our crew of professors is able to compete professionally with international experience in cinema and television:

To become an audiovisual professional, only three things are necessary: Film, film and film

It is essential to practice and know the most cutting-edge audiovisual equipment on the market, and that can only be done in one way: in a shooting set and by active professionals.

That is why our Specialization Course in Film and Photography Direction, Film from day one!, immerses the student in real contexts from the beginning, so that you become familiar with the complex ecosystem of an audiovisual production, with the most advanced equipment and with the different creative and professional profiles involved in the filming of a spot, a short film or a movie.

Spanish language course

Spanish Language Course

Film & TV Equipment Hire in Spain and Morocco