Rent ARRIHEAD 2 wheels - Fluid Head

Alquiler ARRIHEAD 2 Wheels - Cine Técnico

ARRIHEAD 2 Wheels compact geared

The ARRIHEAD 2 is a compact geared head designed for current film and digital cameras, with a tilt axis centered on the camera’s optical center.

  • Compatible with ARRI bottom plates and other touch-and-go systems
  • Tilt angle +/- 30° without wedge plate; +/-90° with wedge plate
  • Selectable 3-speed gears, plus neutral
  • Max load 50 kg
  • Standard Mitchell base
  • Set of reduction gears (ratio 1:5) available for tilt and pan

Características ARRIHEAD 2

Tilt Angle+/- 30 degrees w/o wedgeplate 
+/- 90 degrees with wedgeplate 
Wedgeplate increments are 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees
Camera MountingSliding base for ARRI quick-release bridgeplate and other touch ‘n’ go systems 
± 140 mm balance adjustable system 
ARRI Bridgeplate System
CradleTilt Drive via precision drive chain/pulleys, user adjustable tension V-cradle rails, ball bearings.
Tilt/Pan DriveTilt Laterally moveable tilt handle up to 38 degrees to right. 
Selectable 3 Speed gear. 
Drive, plus neutral.
Tilt SpeedsSlow 17.5 turns for 60 degrees full tilt.
Medium 9.25 turns for 60 degrees full tilt. 
Fast 4.75 turns for 60 degrees full tilt.
Pan SpeedsSlow 65 turns for full 360 degrees pan. 
Medium 35.5 turns for full 360 degrees pan. 
Fast 19 turns for full 360 degrees pan.
Lock Off Brakes and Friction LeversTilt, two individual positive lock off brakes. 
Pan, single positive lock off brake. 
Note: Lock and friction levers located near hand wheels.
Gear Head BaseStandard Mitchell.
MiscellaneousSelf illuminating level. 
Removeable wheel handle. 
2 holding knobs for accessory box. 
Viewfinder support bracket. 
4 threaded rosettes (2 per side).
WeightWith wedge and quick release bridgeplate 15 kg, 33 Ibs. 
Tilt/Pan wheels 2,5 kg, 5,5 Ibs
Temperature Range– 20 C° to + 50 C°. 
– 4F degrees to + 122F degrees
Max.Load50 kg, 110 Ibs
Dimensions with HandwheelsLength 566 mm/22 inch. 
Width 343 mm/13 inch
Dimensions without HandwheelsLength 468 mm/18 inch. 
Width 267 mm/11 inch.
AccessoriesBattery bracket 2 and special accessory shoe. 
Reduction gear for tilt and pan, ratio 1:5. 
Big handwheels. 
Universal handgrip. 
Adapter 2 for ARRI bridgeplate system

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