Rent Cooke S4i Primes T2 lenses

Alquiler ópticas Cooke S4/i Primes T2 - Cine Técnico

SET Cooke S4i Primes T2 lenses

Cooke S4i Primes T2 optics offer excellent optical and mechanical performance, flare control, distortion and spherical aberrations at maximum aperture. The new intelligent series of objectives follows the line of its previous edition of S4 lenses. The new i Technology provides access to information about the lens configuration.


  • – 18mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 25mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 32mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 40mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 50mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 75mm Cooke S4 T2


  • – 14mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 16mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 21mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 27mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 35mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 65mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 100mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 135mm Cooke S4 T2
  • – 150mm Cooke S4 T2

Features Cooke S4i Primes T2 lenses:

  • Focal range available target set: 12mm | 180mm
  • PL Mount
  • Opening: T2 | T22
  • Focus rotation: 270º | 300º
  • Front diameter Optics: 110mm
  • Objective Sensor Coverage: Super 35
  • Weight: 1.5 | 2 kg
  • No geometric distortion in any of its objectives
  • Flare control in the entire series of optics
  • No spherical aberrations at maximum aperture in the complete lens set
  • Soft and warm images.
  • They offer perfect skin tones.
Ópticas Cooke S4i Primes T2

Ópticas Cooke S4i Primes T2

ópticas Cooke S4i Primes T2

Almost half a century after its introduction, vintage optics S2 and S3 were still appreciated by cinematographers for their unique look. When Cooke introduced the new S4 objectives in 1998, they quickly became an industry standard with its warmth, soft focus and low contrast. They stand out for their color reproduction, getting perfect skin tones.

All this second version of the S4i lenses are equipped with the Technology i that provides cinematographers and camera operators with vital information about the lens adjustment, the focusing distance, the aperture and the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, the serial number, owner data and type of objective.

The S4 / i T2 Optics offer optimal Optical and mechanical performance, Flare control, distortion and spherical aberrations at maximum aperture. The cam-type focusing mechanism allows smooth focus adjustments. With its modular construction it has been possible to increase the ease of maintenance.

There are 18 S4 / i Focal, between 12mm and 300mm with an average weight of 1,800kg. Their color rendering makes them compatible with the Zoom 18-100mm T3.0 lenses and 25-250mm variable focus lenses T3.7, 15-40mm, T2.0 CXX and S4 16mm lenses.

Cooke S4i Primes T2 lenses

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