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Alquiler ARRI Signature Prime lenses - Cine Técnico

The new ARRI Signature Prime lenses are specifically designed for use with the ARRI ALEXA LF ​​large format digital cinema camera. While Signature Primes exemplifies cutting-edge optical precision, they have been designed to generate organic and emotionally attractive images, gently softening and texturing the large format with natural skin tones and creamy bokeh. A quick maximum aperture of T1.8 facilitates depth of field and the soft focus drop gives subjects a greater presence in the frame.

These lenses are equipped with the ARRI LPL support, optimized for large format sensors. A wider diameter and a shorter focal depth of the flange allow ARRI Signature Prime lenses and all future large-format optics to be small and light, with a quick T-stop and a nice bokeh. This combination of features would not be possible within the limits of the typical PL lens holder.

The ARRI Signature Prime range is the first series of cinema lenses that features machined magnesium lens cylinders, which makes the optics incredibly light and robust. They are also the first to incorporate the ARRI next-generation LDS-2 lens data system, with high data rates and absolute encoders for rapid initialization. LDS-2 expands the possibilities of lens data and is being licensed to other lens and camera manufacturers.


  • – 15mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 25mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 29mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 35mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 40mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 47mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 58mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 75mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 95mm SIGNATURE T 1.8
  • – 125mm SIGNATURE T 1.8

ARRI Signature Prime Lenses Features:

  • Exceptional resolution, with natural skin tones and creamy bokeh.
  • Telecentric optical design prepared for the future results in better contrast, skin reproduction and flash behavior.
  • Next generation LDS-2 lens data system with 10x accuracy of the original LDS (1 Mbps vs 115 Kbps).
  • Excellent optical performance over the entire aperture range from T1.8 to T22
  • The magnesium construction makes each lens 2 lb lighter than the Master Prime (on average), with a comparable overall size
  • Uniform iris positions and focus gears.
  • Universal network support and magnetic positioning system.
  • LPL mount.

Signature Prime lens compatibility

ARRI Signature - Cine Técnico
ARRI Signature Prime lenses are equipped with the LPL (large positive lock) lens mount, a key element of the ARRI large format camera system. The wider diameter and the focal depth of the shorter flange allow the LPL lenses to be small and light, with a fast T-stop and a nice bokeh, a combination of features that would not be possible with the old PL lens holder.

ARRI shares the LPL specifications openly and freely throughout the industry, in order to establish the LPL lens mount as the new standard interface between cameras and lenses. The ARRI LPL lens holders are available for ALEXA 65, ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Classic / XT / SXT, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. In addition, third parties already offer LPL lens frames for cameras, director viewers and lens testing tools, so ARRI Signature Primes and other LPL lenses can be used universally.

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