Rent ARRI Shift & Tilt System

SET ARRI Shift & Tilt System

This System, consists of a wide range of lenses that are freely fixed to the camera through an adjustable stage / bellows system, allows the resolution of unique problems and effects, including manipulation of the perspective correction of the plane of focus.

They are objectives that can move with respect to their axes and thus achieve various optical effects. They are also called perspective control objectives; They move horizontally and vertically. They are mostly used in architectural photography to correct the convergence of verticals. This “shift” correction is complemented by the “tilt” (tilt), consisting of moving the lens with respect to the sensor, so that the axis of the optics is no longer perpendicular to the plane of the sensor. This has great implications both in the perspective of the image obtained and in the depth of field, which with the appropriate adjustments can be made as large or small as desired. With these optics we achieve the well-known “model” effect.


  • – 24mm
  • – 45mm
  • – 90mm
  • – 110mM

It is an articulated bellows lens mount that allows the lens to be placed separately from the camera in five different directions. This allows you to change the angles, align parallel lines and selectively focus within the image plane. It is a unique optical system that achieves impossible images in another way.

The set includes four lenses, 24 mm T4, 45 mm T2.8, 90 mm T2.8 and 110 mm T2. The system works with any camera with a PL mount, including a 35 mm film, a 16 mm film, 35 mm lens adapters for video cameras and digital cinema cameras with single sensor image sensors.


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