The most flexible digital cinema camera in the world.

The Phantom flex 2k is one of the most popular cameras in the high speed world, reaching the astonishing framerates with in camera recording of 2000fps at 2K and 2500fps at full HD. Plus, it delivers vibrant colors and great dynamic which will never let you down. Get spectacular images by renting this amazing camera in pack with a wide choice of cinema primes sets. Available with high speed techician only.



Lens Mount: PL mount
Sensor Size: 25.6 x 16.0 mm 1:1.60
Native ISO 1250
Resolution / max frame rates 480p/10750 – 1600p/725
Max resolution 1600p
Codec / Compression .Cine RAW files
Media Type 256GB CineMag
Internal wff reciever No
Internal ND No
Video output 1080p 3G HD-SDI
Dimensions 292 x 140 x 127mm
Weight 5.33 Kg
Power input External power supply / 24V DC
Power consumption 20-36V DC, 100-150W


2.5k Digtal High Speed Camera HQ vs STD mode:
In HQ mode the camera analyzes each frame for noise and image artifacts that can occur under continuously changing environments. Typically, longer takes or unpredictable action, HQ mode is the best choice. Our advice is to use HQ mode as often as possible, but when higher shutter angel or higher framerates is decried it might be necessary to trade down to STD. STD mode will still perform very well under most circumstances. If you are in doubt your phantom flex operator will guide you through any uncertainties.
Alquiler PHANTOM FLEX - Cine Técnico

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