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Preston Digital Micro Force Zoom Control

The rugged housing, machined from solid aluminum alloy, protects mechanical abuse control and guarantees years of reliable operation. Its ergonomic design provides a rounded grip for comfortable use throughout the day and also offers a convenient fixing point for your docking arm adapter. The new speed control knob is virtually indestructible. It rotates with a glassy softness that is reflected in the careful design used everywhere.

Digital Microforce 2 can control the DM1, DM2 or DM1X digital motors. Its powerful handling capacity ensures trouble-free operation even with the larger zoom lenses. The motor connection is made using a series of cables molded in “Y”. These cables are available for both film and video cameras and allow Digital Microforce 2 to remotely control the operation / stop functions of the camera or VTR respectively.

The Digital Microforce 2 also supplies the analog command signal to control the zoom channel of the FI + Z system, the internal servos of the video lenses or the Wireless Micro Force Wireless module

Preston Digital Micro Force Zoom Control:

  • Weight: 11 oz (.31 kg)
  • Power Requirements: 12 – 28 VDC
  • Maximum motor current: 1.5A
  • Motor address: set by panel switch

Documents to download …

Preston Digital Micro Force 2 Zoom Control – Manual