ZEISS Super Speed Master Prime T1.3

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SET ZEISS Super Speed Master Prime T1.3

ZEISS Super Speed Master Prime T1.3, predecessors of the Zeiss Master Prime T1.3, stand out for its high brightness, sharpness and compact design. Its best optical performance is in diaphragms above T2.8, more open diaphragms lose sharpness and contrast.


  • – 18mm Zeiss High Speed T 1.3
  • – 25mm Zeiss High Speed T 1.3
  • – 35mm Zeiss High Speed T 1.3
  • – 50mm Zeiss High Speed T 1.3
  • – 85mm Zeiss High Speed T 1.3

Super Speed Master Prime T1.3 – Features:

  • Focal Range game: 18mm | 85mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Opening: T1.3
  • Focus rotation: 270º
  • Front Diameter: 80mm
  • Sensor Coverage: Super 35
  • Weight: 1130Kg | 0.703 Kg
  • High definition and contrast
  • No geometric distortion in the 18mm
  • Loss of sharpness and contrast with diaphragms below T2.8

ZEISS Super Speed Master Prime T1.3

The ZEISS Super Speed ​​Master Prime T1.3 optics set offers its best optical performance with diaphragms above T2.8, getting sharp, contrasting images. Very similar to the Zeiss Master Prime T1.3 series. On the contrary, when working with openings below this diaphragm, an image with more tendency to sparkles, veils and loss of sharpness is obtained.

The game consists of 5 optics: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. All focal points share the same T1.3 diaphragm and 80mm front diameter. The weights of these lenses range between 1130g and 703g. They use a similar focus and iris ring system than in the Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9 series with 7 circular blades instead of 3 blades as their predecessors the Zeiss Super Speed ​​MKI T1.4.

In the Zeiss Super Speed ​​MKII T1.3 model, the accuracy of its focus ring was also improved. With more brands and 270º of rotation compared to 170º of the MKI lens series. Zeiss Super Speed ​​MKII optics cover both Super 35mm and 5k formats and are widely used with state-of-the-art cameras such as Arri Alexa Mini or Arri Amira Premium 4K.

Its size and weight are very useful for special planes with stabilizers.

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