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Rent Lenses & Zooms in Cine Técnico – Today, in full transit from photochemical to digital acquisition, from traditional 35mm cameras to modern HD cameras such as the Arri Alexa, the Epic Network or the Sony F65, we are accustomed to technicalities such as RAW, Bits, Log, Color spaces, 2K and 4K, Bayer sensors and much more. However, although the digital revolution is here and it seems that it has come to stay, we must not forget that, as important as HD cameras or photochemical negatives when it comes to image capture, they are the optics with which those images they reach the photographic sensors or negatives. Especially with digital cameras, whose recording formats and subsequent manipulation in digital correction rooms allow hundreds of changes and adjustments to be made once the images have been obtained, the choice of optics continues to be fundamental, since the characteristics of these are one of the few parameters that we can never modify to our liking if we have chosen the wrong glass for shooting. Rent Lenses & Zooms

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